Mega Pokémon Information

Getting Them

Much like in the games, Pokémon require an attachable item to enter their Mega Forme. These are specific to the Mega Forme, and are purchasable via the Pokémart for 20 SP each. Each member is granted on free Mega Token which they may claim from the Pokémart, and gain an additional free Mega Token upon reaching Trainer Level 3 and Trainer Level 6. Like other tokens, they must be attached via the Hidden Power thread.

Using Them

When a Pokémon a with Mega Token attached is in battle, you may transform them into their Mega Forme. This works exactly how conventional switching works; it must be the first thing you do that round, does not count as a move and (if going second) allows your opponent a re-order. In their Mega Forme, the Pokémon gets an updated SC (listed along with their main SC). In addition, they count as level ups. Whilst this means they get the boost associated with being a level higher, it also means that if you use more than one, they have a chance at disobedience, though you may bring a Mega Pokémon and a level up Pokémon to the same match without disobedience. Pokémon who are already a level up before they change form can disobey regardless of whether another level up/mega has been bought to battle. Once in their Mega Forme, a Pokémon cannot change back unless KO'd. As a quick note for Gym Leaders; in order to use a Mega Pokémon in Gym Defenses, both its normal and Mega Forme must be of the relevant type.