Welcome to the Ultimate Pokémon Network and Serebii.net Anime Style Battling League

Started in February of 2000, this Anime-Style Battling League is the oldest and best on the internet, period. Originally called the UPN PASBL, the league moved to BMG in February 2001, where it lasted until the end of that year, as the forums closed up. In March 2002, it was reborn on the new UPN Forums, as well as the Serebii Forums, and is now a two-board league. Being on UPN Forums and Serebii.net Forums has proved to be a tremendous boost to the league, which now boasts over 100 active members. The league has gone through many changes over the years, with inceptions of new points systems, rules, attack descriptions, even Pokémon. As the Pokémon franchise expands, so does the league, as we strive to maintain our status as the most true to anime league ever.

This website is not, nor will ever be, the best looking site on the 'net. That's not its purpose. The site is mainly information for trainers, referees and those interested in joining the league. Anyway, below is a list of links to each section of the League's website, as well as what they contain. There's no "League Officials Only" or "Refs Only" stuff, so you may as well take a look at everything you that interests you.

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