Anime Style Contests

In Anime Style Contests, participants will use the members of their PASBL squad to make appeals and battle in contest style. Contests will be divided into two main rounds.

Round 1 - Appeals:

Trainers will have free creative reign to order their Pokémon to pull off any actions or moves that are physically possible. The more complicated and tricky, the more fantastic the score (assuming everything goes to plan). Combinations and showmanship are key, and levels and evolution will play no part in determining greatness of appeals.

One of five judges will determine how each appeal went, and then it will be given a point score by three other judges. A number to be determined will then move onto the battling round. Number will vary based on how many choose to enter.

Round 2 - Contest Battles:

Those who make it past the appeals round will then face off against their fellow coordinators in a tournament-style showdown. A ref of B grade or higher will be selected to conduct the battle along with three of the five judges to oversee it.

Contest Battles are conducted in a similar manner as regular battles, however, coordinators are tasked to make their Pokémon look superior in the eye of the judges. Pokémon will be judged not only on what their attacks do damage-wise, but how they look. Repetitive, boring, or unfair strategies will be severely counted off. The Pokémon with the most amount of points remaining at the end of five rounds is the winner. If a Pokémon is KO'd before five rounds, they lose all of their points.

Winners of the contest will receive a ribbon for the type of contest: Tough, Smart, Cute, Cool and Beauty. There will not be distinctions made for types of moves however, so a creative trainer may be able to come up with a beautiful Rock Slide, or cool Surf. Creativity is the key, so make sure you use it.

In the battle rounds, coordinators will receive KOs and TP as per usual. Reffing will be rewarded with 1.25x the normal SP for a one on one.


The final winner of each contest will be awarded the ribbon of that contest type. Ribbon count will be added to the League Table. Only one of each type of ribbon can be earned and each ribbon will have a different effect for the winning coordinator.

Ribbons have the following effects:
Beauty: Grants the owner one extra Pokémon Slot.
Cool: Grants the owner one extra Pokémon that is one level above their trainer level.
Cute: Grants the owner a slot that is filled with a prize Pokémon, which is a starter of the winner's choice. The prize Pokémon will have a signature move slightly more powerful than a regular signature move, which will be written by the League Officials.
Smart: Grants the owner one extra Pokémon that is available at the next trainer level.
Tough: Counts as a badge.

Master Coordinator

The first trainer to earn all five ribbons will be recognized as Master Coordinator, and will have it noted on their spot in the league table. When another coordinator acquires five ribbons as well, they shall be given a contest battle with the Master Coordinator for the title.

The Master Coordinator match will be a 5 on 5 contest-style battle. Each trainer will use the Pokémon that won each of their ribbons against their corresponding opponent. The trainer who wins three rounds first will be declared Master Coordinator.