Ghost Pokémon Infomation

The States

While each ghost has a preferred state to be in, they may use a move to shift to another state if allowed by their species characteristics. Shifting back into 'natural' mode does not cost a move, and will also be done automatically when a ghost is instructed to perform a move that cannot be done in their current state . If a Pokémon falls asleep or is afflicted by some other status condition, they will automatically shift to their 'natural' state. Ghosts in 'natural' mode will automatically shift into the state which will take the lowest amount of damage, should they get enough warning of an incoming attack. While changing states does not consume any notable amount of energy, Ghosts require a brief period of time after changing state before they can do it again. Pokémon may not change state more than once per round.

Unless the ghost is ordered to be in a certain state, it remains fluctuating between solid and ethereal/gaseous. If it sees a solid/physical attack coming, it will easily become ethereal or gaseous to avoid the damage. If a 'special' attack is coming at it, it will shift to solid state to minimize the damage, as it is more susceptible to it in ethereal state. Ghosts which cannot enter the ethereal or gaseous state do not possess this attribute and will not automatically switch states to avoid attacks.


The solid state is the state that most Pokémon, such as Pikachu or Marill, take. Solid pokémons' bodies can be harmed and damaged by physical blows as normal. Pokémon must be in the solid state to use physical attacks like Tackle and Fire Punch; if a Pokémon cannot achieve the solid state, such as Gastly, it will use a half strength version of the move by generating an orb of energy in front of it to strike with instead of tackling, punching etc.


In this state, Pokémon are visible, yet all attempts at physical damage pass right through. In contrast, while in this state Pokémon are more vulnerable to 'special' attacks such as Flamethrower and Thunderbolt and take 20% more damage from them. Physical projectiles such as wind, rocks or water will also pass through Pokémon in this state, though fire will strike them as a special move. Attacks such as Skull Bash, Zen Headbutt or Silver Wind which are physical in nature but have a 'glow' of energy will deal 50% of the damage they would usually do and do not trigger the 20% extra damage clause. Ref's discretion is advised where the situation is unclear. Pokémon in this state can pass through walls, roofs, floors, Pokémon and any other obstacle in the arena, so long as they keep moving and are not in solid space for more than five seconds. This means Ghost Pokémon cannot go and hide underground in the ethereal state, though they can go under momentarily, coming back out a few seconds later for perhaps a surprise attack. Ghosts may not use Selfdestruct or Explosion whilst in the ethereal state.


In this state, Pokémon become invisible and cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, they will still make noise, emit odour etc and Pokémon with enhanced senses may be able to detect them. Pokémon are solid whilst invisible and thus do not enjoy any of the benefits associated with the ethereal or gaseous state. Pokémon can only remain invisible for two rounds in total per battle, though they may split this time in to two rounds if they wish. Pokémon which are invisible can use attacks which involve physical contact,mind affecting moves such as Hypnosis or Confuse Ray and moves like Curse and Pain Split as normal. However, they may not used ranged attacks such as Thunder or Sludge Bomb and cannot use Explosion or Selfdestruct.

The Rotom Formes

A Rotom's Forme can be changed freely through squad submissions: note that changing a Rotom Forme while having a sig move dependent on that Forme may require that the sig be changed/removed. If Rotom is bonded with an appliance, it becomes part Electric and part [type], gaining that type's species characteristic instead of the Ghost type's while remaining familiar with the Ghost type. So for example, a Fan Rotom is Electric/Flying, with all associated weaknesses, resistances and characteristics and familiarity with the Ghost type. When a Rotom occupies a Forme other than its default Ghost type Forme, it is locked in to the solid state insted of the 'plasma' state and cannot shift states at all. Rotom cannot change Formes during a Pokémon battle: even if an object that could be possessed is inexplicably around, it takes too long for the Rotom to bind with it to be practical in combat. Similarly, a Rotom will never willingly unbind with an item in combat, as doing so leaves it extremely vulnerable during the process.